With its amazing cove and forest view, Hünkar Turkish Cuisine serves you at all meals of the day. This is where menus prepared by internationally acclaimed distinguished chefs with care meet daily fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meat products, and spices directly procured from their region of growth. Hünkar Turkish Cuisine brings together tastes from various geographies with the privilege of an elite open buffet and offers healthy, diet, and kids options. With its new menus, renewed presentations, and architectural changes, Hünkar Restaurant continues to welcome its guest in the 2021 summer.

Angel's Patisserie where elegance meets luxury is in your service with its refreshing drinks and tasty appetizers.

Welcoming guests with the concept of an a la carte restaurant, Yosun Snack is with you for a free lunch. Offering a range of alternatives from light snacks to fresh Aegean salads to unique sea tastes to the special dishes of Turkish cuisine, Yosun Snack is definitely a healthy and tasty kitchen.

A tasty meat menu not widely available in the Aegean region. Angelo Steak A La Carte Restaurant is waiting for your with dishes of fresh daily meat from Turkish and world cuisines.

What do you say to a break over the breathtaking view of Hisar? An endless Aegean view at one end of a peninsula dividing two coves.

Amazing dinner menus and special presentations come together at Hisar A La Carte for a graceful night.

A tasty meat menu not widely available in the Aegean region. Hisar A La Carte is waiting for you with dishes of fresh daily meat from Turkish and world cuisines.

Why don’t you come in for a blend of grace and aesthetics and the peaceful sound of classical music? Enjoy this special moment picking a newspaper and sipping a special fruit cocktail or a cup of Turkish coffee.

The salt of the sea, the incense of the forest, the smell of the pine trees… How about listening to the forest by the golden sand and the piercing blue of the Aegean? Orman Cafe occupies one of the most special locations at Angel’s Marmaris and is ideal for a lovely conversation with friends over coffee listening to the waves. Orman Cafe is updating itself and preparing to welcome you with new surprises in the 2021 summer.

Located on a dock next to the yacht marina, Marina Cafe offers you an unmatched sea sparkle scenery in the evening. With its tasty delights, new stage, and updated sitting space, Marina Cafe is a special corner for those looking for refined tastes.

You don’t need to leave the ladies’ area for a lunch snack. Saklıdeniz Snack is in your service with its a la carte menus.

For coffee lovers, Starbucks is now at Angel’s Marmaris. One of the Starbucks joints with the best view in Turkey, Angel’s Starbucks is waiting for you at the Angel’s Marina area with all its tastes you love.

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