White sand you can perhaps encounter nowhere else other than the coasts of Southeast Asia, two aquarium coves owned by the facility, cool Aegean waters by the tropical forests of the peninsula where you can swim in the shadow of the trees… An experience above the standards is waiting for you with three beaches in two coves and their docks, sea lodges, and beach setups.

You can enjoy time with your family in the great pool of Angel’s Marmaris with its view of the cove and the forest. While swimming in the mix pool of Angel's Marmaris designed for families, you can see a magnificent Aegean bay and a unique forest view on your right and left. While you are enjoying the cool pool with your family, your orders will come to you from the patisserie right next to you. Happy holidays everyone.

Located at the tip of the Angel’s peninsula, Hisar offers alternative experiences to make your holiday enjoyable. Taking a massage from one of our experts at an SPA lodge with a sea view is just one of such experiences. At Hisar you can work out at the fitness center looking over the sea or enjoy swimming in the ladies-only eternity pool with a forest and sea view.

Surrounded by forests on three sides, the aquapark operates in two concepts, for adults and for kids. In the adult area, it brings together many alternatives such as a witch den and indoor and outdoor slides. The kids’ aquapark, designed with the concept of a pirate ship, features wet ground play fields, a large pool, and slides with alternatives and offers kids a genuine feast. The rich options available at the drink station in the aquapark allows visitors to enjoy the aquapark without ever needing to get away.

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