The 2021 Season is a Season of Novelties

Angel’s Marmaris Hotel starts the 2021 season introducing many novelties. The list of novelties, which we created in light of the requests from our guests in previous seasons, the changing needs, and the reports from the departments, will be in service of our distinguished guests in the 2021 season.

As part of the renewal project, which began from the Angelady’s area, the natural pool with sea water and the beach sand have been renewed completely. The white sand, which has seen a silky update, has been furnished with new sunbeds. The sunbeds, which were previously only available on one end of the natural pool and on its dock, are now all around the pool. The sea sunbeds placed on the pool offer guests a brand-new experience. This is not all that is new in the ladies’ area. The outdoor fitness areas installed in Sakli Deniz, the new patisserie and sitting areas, and the updated tables, seating groups, showers, lighting, sea swings, and hammocks are just some of the other novelties.

The Villas Have Been Redefined.

Upon request from our guests, significant adjustments have been made not only on the exterior surfaces of the villas and in the botanical gardens, but also in their interior spaces. Mostly white wallpapers and baseboards, a new TV unit, new indoor and outdoor seating groups, new wardrobes, and new buggy vehicles to serve for the peninsula only are just some of those changes that have been introduced in response to demands from our guests for a brighter and more spacious outlook. This year you will be met with villas redecorated as you like, in terms of both the indoor atmosphere and the exterior environment.

Rooms, hallways, and restaurants

The rooms have also been updated. While the change of wallpapers has created a new, more spacious interior design, the updated paintings and seating groups in the hallway will give you a hint on the novelties waiting for you in your room. With the new bouclette products, mini bar contents, and room setups, you will witness the shift to a new level in our standards. Another important reflection of the architectural changes is visible in the restaurants. The new lighting gear, runners, and kids and bread buffets are among the first novelties you will notice. The expanded menus and the new tastes are another aspect of our new standards which we have created in response to the expectations and demands of our guests.

The New Marina Stage

While we have made many other changes, Stage Marina will perhaps be the star of this season. The stage, installed on the dock hosting the cafe, is at the same time a dock. Appearing in the form of a star from a bird’s eye view, it will be used not only for performing arts but also as a summer cinema. The lighting, LED screens, and acoustic system of Stage Marina have been designed with consideration of important criteria such as the viewing angle of the audience and the acoustic spread of sound.

A New Yacht Is In Your Service

The new yacht which has joined our hotel fleet of yachts will offer the distinguished guests of Angel’s Marmaris Hotel choosing to hop on a blue cruise a new experience.

We Haven’t Forgotten About Kids

At Mini Club we are introducing a new park area, a renewed sleep room, special care units for children ages 0-4 as well as amazing trips where kids can explore the hotel and the peninsula with the adventure express train. On the adventure express with breaks over eight stops, kids will not only enjoy the scenery but at the same time learn indulge in informative content, explore new tastes, and have fun.

There Is Never A Shortage of Novelties at Angel’s

The renewed wooden paths, the viewing banks placed within the hotel, the new internet network designed to operate without any issues, and the aromatic gardens created with new plants are only a few of the novelties this summer. Angel’s Marmaris Hotel, which strives to operate with 100% satisfaction, is newer than ever this season.

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