Each of the Angel’s Villas, located on a tropical peninsula, has a view to the cove. The Angel’s Villas, dotted with wooden walk paths around the peninsula and with tropical plant diversity, each consist of a children’s and a parents’ bedroom, a garden floor, a terrace, a private pool, and a sunbathing area. The Villas, which have a wooden architecture in harmony with nature, offer you the range of alternatives available in a large facility as well as the option to have an independent holiday experience away from others.

Villa Privileges

With its architecture and location, an Angel’s Villa holiday offers you many different experiences and makes you feel privileged.

The privileges special for Villa guests only include:

  • Free VIP airport transfer
  • Special breakfast service to your villa
  • Free see lodge use
  • Free service at the a la carte restaurant you like
  • Special buggies for villas
  • Private sheltered pools for your family
  • Netflix

What’s New at the Villas

The Angel’s Villas have seen many changes in line with the demands from our guests and have been redecorated in 2021. The more spacious and brighter outlook brought about by these changes has made the Angel’s Villas much more elegant.

  • New wallpapers
  • New TV units
  • New seating groups
  • New internet infrastructure
  • New cushion menu
  • New wardrobes
  • New bouclette products
  • Entirely renovated indoor and outdoor spaces
  • New botanical garden



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