Peninsula and Lodges

A peninsula just for the guests of Angel’s. With tens of kinds of tropical trees and endemic plants on it. Dividing two Aegean coves, the peninsula has wooden walking paths, an amazing Aegean view, tropical forests, villas in harmony with nature, and sea lodges with their backs turned against it. Each lodge surrounding the peninsula is like a dock just for you and your family. The lodges have been renewed for the 2021 season and will welcome you with new furniture, a new mini bar, renewed special menus, new sunbeds, and new seating groups.


Sadece Angel's misafirlere ait bir yarımada. Üzerinde onlarca çeşit tropikal ağaç ve endemik bitki. İki Ege koyunu birbirinden ayıran yarımada da, ahşap yürüyüş yolları, muhteşem Ege manzarası, tropikal ormanlar, ve doğaya uyumlu villalar sizleri bekliyor.

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